Thursday, March 16, 2006


Late this morning, I found out where I will be going for residency training. It turns out that I have matched with the program that is the furthest distance away! I am having some mixed emotions about it, although the idea of an entirely fresh start is definitely appealing. I have been in this state for almost 17 years now, so perhaps a change of scenery is more than overdue. Also, packing up and moving will allow me a gracious exit from a couple of situations that I have avoided confronting.

The program that I am going to has an excellent reputation, and they have already called to welcome me to the fold. I am sure that many adventures are in store for me, but I am a little reluctant to be putting so much distance between myself and the friends that I have here. I have always been a person that is horrible at goodbyes. I tend to form friendships easily, but so many people have wandered in and out of my life, sometimes never to return. I just hate the thought of that happening with some of my current friends. Chris was writing the other day about actively choosing whom one associates with, and I suppose that this new start will allow me to do just that.

However, in the meantime I plan on enjoying my surroundings, including attending a match party tonight to find out how my classmates fared!

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Chris said...

Hope you are having a great time at the match party tonight.

I can appreciate your apprehension on moving. I lived in Florida until I was 33 and then we moved to TN in 2000, leaving all my friends and family. I wish you good luck in your move and maybe you are right about the fresh start.