Wednesday, March 15, 2006

People Watching

There was not a whole lot going on today, either. I saw a smattering of cancer patients with my preceptor this am, and then went to the gym this afternoon. On my drive this morning, there was a small, red car in front of me with custom plates that read “RAPSALOT”. On the back of his limo-tinted rearview window were the words, “GETO FOREVER” in big white letters. I’m pretty sure he meant ghetto. If he was my homie, he’d be out of the gang for such a mistake, but maybe there aren’t a lot of spelling bee aficionados in the hood.


Since I don’t have much to discuss, I’ll attempt to entertain you with more characters that frequent my gym. Some people watch birds, but I watch people! And I figure it’s not too evil to give them nicknames as I’ve come up with one for myself, too.

Whirling Dervish
- This woman can always be found in a step aerobics class. She has attended so many times that she has all of the sequences memorized. However, she must have bad knees as instead of using a step in the step class, she chooses the twirl and spin around like a leaf caught in a breeze, all while keeping pace with the instructor. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch those white curls flipping and turning.

Hunky Treadmill Guy- This guy is probably in his late-30’s to early 40’s and I’ve seen him around since I started going to this location almost two years ago. He’s made a lot of progress since I first saw him, and now has shoulders and back muscles that are fabulous to look at! Unlike the other muscle-types, he actually does quite a bit of cardio, too. Of course, I’ve never had the nerve to actually talk to him, but had been entertaining the idea of a simple “hello” until last month when he brought the worst accessory ever to the gym… a teenage daughter!

Mennonite Woman- This one’s particularly intriguing as I know absolutely nothing about this religion other than picking them out by their um, garb. However, she can often be spotted during early afternoons in the weight section. I’ve never seen her doing cardio stuff, but then again, if I was wearing an almost floor-length dress with a white headdress, there’s no way in hell I’d be running around in that heavy cloth, either.

The Good Twin- This guy looks exactly like my ex-boyfriend, and if he’s the good twin, then that makes my ex… well, you get the picture. Anyway, he has the same hair color—but longer ponytail, a habit throwing “Rock On” hand signals across the room, and only wears long-sleeved shirts, even in the summer. The long-sleeves, if he’s truly like my ex, are used to cover tattoos in public.

And as for me, I am Tall, Sweaty iPod Girl who is there almost every day and nods hello occasionally, but talks to no one!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Ahhhh the teenage daughter...eeek!

You should still talk to him. You know the drill, pick something that will get him talking.

"Hi! I saw your daughter in here with you the other day. I never would have imagined you having a kid that old."

"What? That wasn't my daughter....that was my girlfriend!"

Ok, maybe not:x ha ha ha.

Are you sure it was his daughter, and not a niece?