Saturday, December 11, 2010

Out and About

Life is changing again, and I am trying to keep up.

September was full of shifts crammed together, a week of interviews, and getting to spend one whole weekend with my husband.

October brought on oral boards, a visit to AG and my hometown, and the never-ending upper respiratory infection.

November meant AG returning home after five months of training, a Thanksgiving with his family, and a house hunt.

We are relocating in May to a much warmer location! We have been trying to work towards making it a smooth transition. I have found a job and signed a contract, we found a house and are closing on it next month, and we crammed in several visits with friends at the beginning of the month.

I just receieved word this week that I passed my oral boards, so no upcoming tests looming over my head!

Now if we can just catch up with all of the holiday shopping.