Monday, March 20, 2006

Fine Print

My contract arrived today! It was much shorter and more vague than I expected, but it did give me a start date of July 1st, and what my salary will be. I guess reading it also made the whole process seem that much more final. I also have to decide how to have my new white coat embroidered and request vacation dates.

I will be happy to retire my student coat that I've worn constantly over the past two years. The sleeves have permanent rings of grime around the wrists, and there are stains from chemicals, food, and um, patients, that just won't come out. FYI- Student coats are shorter in length. If your healthcare provider is wearing a coat that is the length of a regular blazer, than you're probably being seen by either a nurse or a student. If the coat extends to the knees or below, then you're being seen by a resident doctor/attending, or in some places, a nurse practitioner.

Personally, I don't enjoy wearing a white coat. For one thing, I'm pretty klutzy. Also, none of my own doctors have ever worn them. The only people I associate with a long, white coat are butchers. I don't think that is exactly what my profession was going for, but I can't help but smirk when I see the white coats coming down the hall.


Anonymous said...

Butchers, eh? I was thinking of mad scientists, but butchers is pretty schizo too.

Chris said...

Wearing white coats are better than wearing those white jackets with the extra long know...the ones that wrap around you and strap to your back?

Congratulations! Do we have to start referring to you as Dr. Kate now? ha ha.

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Kate said...

There's many a day when I think a straitjacket would be more appropriate!

And don't call me Dr., or ma'am for that matter! I much prefer "hey you."