Saturday, March 25, 2006

Half Baked

I took advantage of having today off by going for another hike. I purchased a hydration back pack yesterday in anticipation of more difficult hikes to come, and it seemed like it worked pretty well. Next time I will definitely freeze half the water beforehand, so I won't be sipping hose-temperature water after only a few hours' time.

Unfortunately, my friend and I are not morning people, so by the time we hit the trail (Post lattes and a blueberry scone, of course!) it was already 10:30. However, after 3 hours of hiking, I think I've come away with only a slight sunburn at my hairline, so not too bad. I definitely feel drained after spending that much time in the sun, and have a mild headache despite drinking TONS of water and powerade. During summers in high school, I used to lifeguard at the local swimming pool, and it always took a few weeks to adjust to that much sun exposure.

As part of an evil genius landscaping scheme, the buildings at my school are all named after various cacti. And by the sign of each building is its representative cactus--how clever! We always say that the one in front of the Sahuaro building looks like it's giving you the finger, and I guess I can see the resemblence.

Here's a nicer view, sans finger:


Anonymous said...

That totally changes my view of desert scenery. You have now ruined the quintessential "desert at sunset" pictures I have in my head with silhouetted cactus.

Chris said...

I used to use a "camelback" when I was cycling. I am sure you are carefully about keeping the bladder cleaned, sanitized and air dried, right? I ruined one by putting it away before it had totally dried. Oops....what is that black stuff? ha ha

Love the effin funny!

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