Monday, March 27, 2006

Bottom Dwelling

This afternoon I packed up my tiny Saturn and drove off to a distant city to start a four-week rotation in internal medicine. I briefly inquired about my potential roommates while stopping by my school to pick up a key to the student housing last week and was told that I would be sharing the apartment with FIVE GUYS! Not to mention that they are five guys from the class of 2007, so they might as well be perfect strangers. You might think a single, independent-minded woman such as myself would appreciate these statistics, but you would be wrong, dead wrong. Student housing tends to be moldy, musty, and over-crowded.

However, when I arrived this afternoon, the four-bedroom, two bathroom apartment was deserted. I may or may not have claimed the room with the best desk and lighting, and moved the second mattress out, making my room the only single room in the apartment. I was not at all disappointed in terms of the moldy or musty aspects of the apartment. My cell phone reception is horrendous as we are in the basement of the building, but I am picking up a free wireless internet signal right now! Huzzah!

One roommate showed up this evening, and despite my lumping him in with the other married, clean-cut, male types that my school seems to attract, he does seem like a pretty cool guy. No one else has shown up yet, but the one odd thing is that the fridge is fully stocked--despite there being no claims to any of the bedrooms in terms of clothing/bedding. There are even fresh herbs and unexpired milk in the fridge--which leads to daydreaming of an almost extinct species--the bachelor who can cook, but this girl's not getting her hopes up too high.


On the drive down, I called and spoke to my great-aunt. She's 103, and likes to use her age to maneuver you into doing as she pleases. For me, this means stopping by for a visit as I relocate myself across the country. I have one friend who is crazy enough to want to accompany me on this drive. She may change her mind when she hears about the addition of a stop for dinner at an assisted-care home. And R- if you haven't already decided to bail out on me, realize that dinner for seniors is served promptly at 4:30 pm in the cafeteria. If we are five minutes late, they'll be out of the good fish!

And as for the family reunion in July? I didn't give her a firm, "No way in hell!" but conceded to, "Well, we'll see if I have that weekend off."


As for the rest of my weekend, there were no residual aches/pains from Friday's hike and my run yesterday was 3.06 miles!


Anonymous said...

Yes still on! Nothing like a good institutional meal being eaten with a woman over a century old! Now that's a stop you just don't read about in guidebooks! Do all the exclamation marks denote enough excitement for you?!?
So are any of your roommates cute? Single? Cooks? Breathing?

Kate said...

Only the one has shown up so far! I don't know if everybody else cancelled or are staying with friends.

Chris said...

I have this funny picture of the mystery man walking in, gorgeous, buff, and smartly dressed. He smells great and you think....damn...possibilities here.

He cooks an amazing 5 course meal that is stunning, even cleans up the kitchen afterwards.....

THEN you find out he is gay! EEK!

Just kidding:)

Here's hoping that your 4 weeks just fly by and you are home soon. Have fun with the centurian eating institutional food.

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