Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

Today I turned 28, and overall it was a good day. In honor of other Taurus people out there, this is the Stock Market Bull statue in NYC. And no, that is not me hiding behind the statue! I don’t put much stock in astrological signs, although I can be a pretty stubborn gal. One of my friends has likened me to a grizzly bear—quiet and self-sufficient, until you start poking me with a stick or backing me into a corner. Plus, I am a woman who appreciates her sleep, and have never been of a sunny disposition when rudely awakened.

At this time last year, I was doing a general surgery rotation in the Bronx and spent my birthday at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art. This year was just as much fun, having spent the day visiting with my family and friends.

Birthdays always seem to be a milestone to reflect on one’s accomplishments. For me, being 27 came with a lot of insecurity and questions about my future. Right now, 28 is looking pretty good—between starting a profession and re-establishing my independence, I am pretty positive about the year ahead.


Anonymous said...

hopefully that promise holds true for my 28th year also...let me know how the promise goes

Chris said...

Well holy freakin' cow (or bull)! Happy Belated Birthday Kate! I remember when 28 made me feel like I was starting to get that I'm 38, I think 28 sounds pretty good!

Hope you had a great time.

Grizzly bear....funny.

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