Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hermaphrodites and MORE!!!

My vacation was excellent, and there are many pictures to share. Tonight I'm too tired, so I'm giving you a slightly blurry picture of the hermaphrodite that I rescued during a six-hour hike yesterday. I probably should have set him/her down on something brown so that the picture would have shown up better.

Not having ever encountered a banana slug before, my friend Ru emailed me this link that I thought was rather amusing... particularly the paragraph about the sexual practices of banana slugs.

Today's vocabulary word: apophallation


~~Silk said...

OUCH! I'll bet they don't do THAT again!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the sheer magic of the world wide web. All this information just yearning to be disseminated.


Chris said...

I will NEVER forget THAT would be a good one for a kid's spelling bee...can you imagine?

"Country of origin and definition please?"

But I thought the 12 hours of varied positions sounded pretty good...right up until the apophallation.

And until now.....I thought the worst part about being a slug was making sure the bartender didn't salt the rim of your margarita.

Great post:)

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Charles said...

Ouch, I wouldn't want to be a slug.

I came Via Chris' Blog.

Kate said...

Cool, thanks for letting me know that you were here!