Wednesday, May 17, 2006


One of my friends recently told me she's been feeling like saying the word damn a lot lately, and today I wholeheartedly agree. After getting an email from my new HR department informing me that the 15-page packet of information I sent them two weeks ago was not entirely complete, I went to the website thinking that I shouldn't have too much left to do. Boy, was I wrong! I didn't miss 3 forms... I missed THREE MORE SECTIONS of forms to fill out!

After spending no less than FIVE HOURS this morning printing forms, filling out forms, and copying said forms for my own records, I still have more to go! Remember me complaining about HIPAA training a few months ago? Now there are more automated modules of information to read, with tests to submit and certificates of completion to print. I can now tell you what both CODE ELMER and CODE GROVER mean when paged overhead. I think this is all somewhat ridiculous as we still have two days of orientation at the end of June, but I suppose I'll play along because really I have no other choice.

I went to the gym today, and still am not up to the level I was working at before I went to Philadelphia. I'm going to really have to step it up a notch.

On the plus side, my realtor called and said that my home inspection was done today and they should be emailing me the report sometime soon. Apparently the seller also wanted to sell me her dining room set, but I don't need one. Part of me wonders if she wanted to offer it as a trade for the clothes dryer?


Chris said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of human resources. Did they mention you need to mail them a urine and blood sample too?

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Anonymous said...

code grover--is that for someone who's turned blue?

I think you should ask to swap for the dryer just for the dramatic effect.

Kate said...

Infant/child abduction.

Right now I have the dryer. Originally they had offered all of the appliances minus only the fridge (it's a really nice one). I asked for all the appliances in my offer, which they signed, so I could have something to bargain over. That's why I was surprised about her having trouble letting go of the dryer as it was in the original offer with the house. The fridge I had expected to haggle over, but I would have happily let it go to not go up on price, but of course, they preferred the $. Whatever, people are strange.

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