Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Home Sweet Home?

This is what I am hoping will be my new casa:

I love the maple out front, and the garage in back has a basketball hoop, which I'm hoping the current owners will leave behind. A home inspection is still pending, but the contract has been signed by both parties, so I am keeping my fingers crossed--not literally, as that would probably lead to deformity after a week!

I did take some pictures of the inside, but since it is still occupied and we haven't closed yet, I feel kinda funny about posting pictures of someone else's stuff. I will definitely take tons of pictures when I move in, and comparison shots after I've messed things up. The layout is basically three bedroom and one bathroom, which are all upstairs. The first floor has a eat-in kitchen, separate dining room, living room with brick woodburning fireplace, and a tiny office. Laundry is in the basement.


~~Silk said...

Looks like you have a full attic, too. Walkup or dropdown stairs? It looks well cared for. Congratulations. How are the taxes, and have you met the neighbors? They can usually tell you all about the house's quirks.


Kate said...

Walkup attic.

Taxes are pretty heinous, at least compared to where I'm from. They're over $200 a month, but then maybe that's why my homestate is ranked 48th in education.. and we also don't have to deal with snow cleanup.

Chris said...

48th in education? Ummmmm....did you go to a state school? (ha ha ha)

Reminds me of the old joke that someone is the worst doctor of his graduating class each year, yet he is seeing patients tomorrow.

The house looks great! Hopefully the home inspection goes well. I'll spare you the details of our home inspection which failed to identify........nevermind. Fingers crossed.

Oh, if you can, get a home buyers warranty and keep it up. It is worth the $400 a year.

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