Friday, May 19, 2006

Waffles, Anyone?

There was not a whole lot going on today. I finished the HR nightmare this morning—30 more pages, not including a 10 page history and physical I dropped off at my doctor’s office for her to initial. So anyway, since my life is pretty much boring right now, I’m going to attempt to entertain you with another story from my friend doing an OB/Gyn rotation. I had briefly considered going into that specialty, but ended up changing my mind after doing a second rotation in it.


It seems my friend’s preceptor has been looking for alternative ways to bring in more cash. A representative for laser hair removal came in to the office the other day. Apparently, he told the doctor that a good way to become more familiar with the equipment would be to offer to perform free treatments on his office staff.

That night, my buddy called me and said, “So do you think I should get one of those?”

“One of those what?”

“You know, one of those Belgians.”

Long pause… “Why would your preceptor offer you waffles?”

“No, it’s a bikini wax!”

“Oh, you mean a Brazilian?”

“Well, I knew it was one of those countries that starts with a B…”

I just about died laughing and told her a Belgian would probably involve Rogaine and more hair growth! Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone in that office got a free bikini wax—that’s the last service in the world I’d ever want to be performed by my boss—way inappropriate!


I did kill a couple of hours today watching “Memoirs of a Geisha”. A friend had given me a copy of it for my birthday, but I wasn’t too excited about it as I don’t remember enjoying the book all that much a few years ago. However, I think this is one rare case where the movie was actually better than the book!

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Chris said...

Can you imagine a Brazilian waffle? Now THAT is an interesting breakfast time.

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