Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I ♥ Midwest Airlines

I flew home from Philadelphia using Midwest Airlines with a layover in Milwaukee. The first flight was on their Signature Service, while the second was a Saver Service flight. In case you have never had the pleasure of flying Midwest let me tell you a little secret: THEY SERVE YOU FRESH-BAKED WARM CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES MID-FLIGHT! I was so excited by this. On the Signature flight, all of the seats were leather and there were only two to a row with a wide armrest. I wasn’t expecting the cookies on the Saver flight, but there they were—just as warm and fresh as on the first flight. Another bonus of the cookies: for at least part of the flight, the gross B.O. smell that comes with having over a hundred passengers crammed in a large germ tube gets covered up temporarily!

I was just discussing this with my friend, but do you know what I hate? When you bite into a cookie, fully expecting the semi-sweetness of chocolate chips and you end up tasting raisin. And, just when I thought that the oatmeal cookie fake out was the ultimate travesty, she one-ups me with this one—there’s nothing worse than biting into a chocolate muffin and ending up with bran: YUCK!


On a happier note, this afternoon I took the last exam of my medical school career, assuming I passed anyway. Just a week and a half left of rotations and I'm DONE!!!


Ari said...

My brother-in-law is a pilot for Midwest based out of Milwaukee, so who knows? He could have been your pilot!

Oh btw, I'm Ari and I was referred here by Swibirun. Nice to meet you!


Kate said...

Cool, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

mmmm....that's what I need--fresh baked cookies. and my own computer. and a digital camera. but i'll stop the list there


Chris said...

Congratulations, Kate! That is so great. You must be thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

don't worry...adventures are more tame when no keys are misplaced