Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Time to be Born...

Sometimes everything just flows together with everyone on our whole, sloppy planet seeming to be entwined. The same subject spoken about with a friend appearing as the segment of a daily talk show. A lecturer discussing treatments for alcoholism the very morning that my alcoholic patient dies, surviving less than seven minutes off the ventilator.

What can I say? Some say it is coincidence, and some say it is God. And, some say it is simple statistics that out of the thousands of statements one hears or says in the course of one day, a subject is bound to be repeated. At the same time, once my attention is drawn to a subject or person, I no doubt notice it again and again, or even seek it out.

I don’t really know where I was going with that thought, but that was how my day started out.


Yesterday, I decided to do something nice for myself and bought a cluster of stem daffodils while at the grocery store. I wasn’t sure quite what they would do, if they would open at all, or slowly and progressively, like one firework at a time.

This is what they looked like yesterday:

When I got home this evening, I came home to KA-BOOM!!!

I didn’t expect almost all 20 to go at once!

They’re practically duking it out for space!

I have always liked watching vibrant flowers emerge from seemingly dead, dried-up bulbs. One year for my mother’s birthday, I spent hours digging up the strip of dirt along the driveway and planting a mixed bag of about 80 daffodils. That spring, and every year thereafter, they come up and put on a show like clockwork.

That’s another thing I’m looking forward to about getting my own place in a few months… houseplants, and maybe a garden.


Anonymous said...

Daffodils are probably the best part of spring.
I was just thinking about those kind of coincidences yesterday. Sometimes they happen and I shrug them off, but other times they seem to carry a certain weight and are more important.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about joining blogspot so that I can post comments with a name, instead of anonymous all the time, but I just don't know if I'm ready to have two blogs. And I think it would be so pointless to have a blog that I never write in, just so I could leave comments. No offense to those that do.

Kate said...

You could always put your name in the comment if you don't want to remain anonymous.

Like this:


I thought the anonymous option was better than some sites that only allow posting from users, but I guess I can see your point.

Chris said...

We know what Jung would say about your synchronicity, huh:) It's not happenstance.

The daffodils are gorgeous and you did a great job with the lighting in the pictures!

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Two Write Hands said...

The pictures are gorgeous. I might even like them better than the real thing--they don't make me sneeze! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll do that then.

--Ru (to preserve some of my anonymity!)