Monday, April 24, 2006

Photo Tag

Chris, of the-world' photo tagged me a few days ago, and here's my results. I've never done this before, and while I have friends who blog, and friends who have digital cameras, I can't think of anyone who has both to tag next.

Something that I made:

This is a counted cross-stitch project I've been working on since late 2001, so technically I guess I'm still making it. It was supposed to be a gift for my father's birthday in August of 2002, so one year it'll be an ever big surprise that I got it done!

Something that was given to me:

This is a very soft and warm scarf that was made by my friend, Ru. Now that I'm moving away from the desert, it will get even more use!

Something strange:

I adapted this category to someone strange. I spotted this guy last spring during a rotation in New York. Tighty-whities in Times Square, now that takes some balls (Pun fully intended)!

Something with a pig:

Believe it or not, I couldn't find any photo-worthy pigs in Philadelphia! This is a sugar bowl in our house... the curly tail doubles as a serving spoon. This is the first sugar bowl pig I've ever seen, but maybe it's a common household item?

Something unique:

This is a bud vase that was hand-carved so that a small test tube fits inside. It was originally given to my great-aunt by someone in her assisted living complex. I think that it is darling, but at age 103, she has outlived him, too.


Chris said...

Oh Kate, you shouldn't call your boyfriend strange....ha ha ha ha. That is a hilarious pic. It reminds me of the dude that I got a pic of in Venice Beach CA that wore a turbin, roller skates, and played electric guitar.

Nice cross stitch and I love the vase!


Anonymous said...

I've seen that cowboy somewhere before, but I'm not sure where. I think I blocked it out of my memory. I'm proud of that scarf. It was a very memorable bus ride, but that was the best part of that trip.