Friday, October 06, 2006

The Writing on the Wall

Just off the highway on the way towards Flagstaff, the PU's and I went for a short hike to see some petroglyphs. Is this a tale of an epic battle? An elaborate method of counting a herd of sheep? It's hard to say, but oddly enough it doesn't look all that different from most of the chicken scratch people still carve into trees and benches.


~~Silk said...

Maybe it's a shopping list?

Sarah said...

You are a really good photographer.

Kate said...

I just take tons of pictures and only post the few that turn out, so you're not seeing all the bad ones.

Chris said...

I studied ancient writings from petroglyps to cunniform. I know what this says:

"Cave town boys kick ass. Nethandreal Gang is wusses...stay in your own territory"

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Chris said...

PS of course, I'm lying:)