Saturday, October 14, 2006

When the Dealin's Done

Poker night was a success. Of course the house wasn't as clean as I would have liked, and we ordered way too much pizza and wings. However, judging by the empty bottles and the number of sticky spots from spilled drinks in the kitchen this morning, I think it is safe to say that "a good time was had by all."

There were nine of us playing all together, tournament-style. The biggest surprise of all? I won the entire thing! Me, who has played poker less times than you can count on one hand. One of the other intern's life revolves around poker: he records poker championships, plays online for money, and is already making friends at one of the area casinos. He wasn't even in the top three last night.

My secret for success? I kept folding because I was busy keeping everyone well-supplied with drinks. Usually I play just about every single hand because I'm an optimist and frankly, I have no concept of odds. Plus, they kept betting really high, so I wasn't comfortable staying in. On one hand, I folded with a straight because everyone kept raising so high that I was sure that they all had straights, too. I got scolded for that one.

No attendings showed up, or any senior residents either. This wasn't much of a surprise though as most of our get togethers tend to be just the interns. And my friend, who I was going to kill for inviting complete strangers redeemed herself. This really hot (and single!) pharmacist showed up. He's a little on the skinny side, but has great eyes and an accent that sounds English to me, but he grew up in NYC. Despite losing early, he stayed for the whole tournament. Although our eyes kept meeting across the table, I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him since my dumbass friend didn't leave enough space at the table for him to sit next to me! I don't know that anything will happen with him, but I will be at his hospital for the next eight weeks, so maybe we'll run into each other.


ru said...

i was just going to call and ask how everything went. exchanging looks with a cute stranger--not bad!

Chris said...

Actually, you probably got better flirting via the eyes from across the table than you could have if he were right next to you. Plus, you left him wanting more. We like that feeling, that mystery of wanting to know more about "that girl", wondering if she was just being nice or if there was something more.

Plus you won!

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