Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not Sedona

I don't think that I have mentioned this before, but "The Phoenix" lives with her parents. Now it's been a long time, but I do remember getting into spats with my folks when I lived at home. This past weekend, we were specifically told not to go up to Sedona to hike. So we obeyed, and instead went up to Grasshopper Point (conveniently located past Sedona, which they didn't say anything about driving through) to do some rock jumping. The water was freezing, so we only jumped off once and spent the remaining time sunning ourselves on warm rocks.

Seen on the drive up:

Grasshopper Point:

Seen on the drive back:

The small formation second from the left is called the "Snoopy Rock" as it looks like Snoopy's profile laying down on the top of his dog house.


The majority of my days in Arizona were spent with the PU's, and we did some hiking around that I am allowed to talk about, so more pictures to come.

I go back to work tomorrow morning. I feel like my time off flew by far too fast, but at least I will have easier work hours for the next two weeks. After that, it's full force on the floor until I finally return to the Emergency Department sometime in March.


ru said...

it looks so warm and sunny there. Jealous.

Chris said...

Yeah...I go to the Smokey Mountains this weekend to get some pictures and YOU.....YOU KATE go and take pictures like this to show me up (ha ha)

Nice photos, seriously.

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The Phoenix said...

I did not go "rock jumping" I went cliff jumping!!! It sounds insignificant when you say rock jumping!!! We jumped of a cliff that was much taller than a high dive!! Lets not lessen our accomplishments by using terms that do not accurately describe their grandeur.

The Great Phoenix