Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Canyons

This is the lesser-known Sycamore Canyon, also near Williams.

It is much prettier in person, as many of these shots were taken into the sun, so they're not quite as impressive as they could have been.

I liked the contrast of this dead tree against the green ones.

That evening, my parents and I headed into Flagstaff, where we stopped at Lowell Observatory for some star viewing. It was interesting stuff, and I remembered many a night spent trying to name constellations on summer camping trips. When I was about ten, I was afraid that at any minute the sun would collapse into a white dwarf, and we would all instantly freeze to death. I know that there is a red giant stage in between, but nothing could convince me at the time that the sun wasn't already in its giant stage, and that the scientists just didn't know any better. (Yes, I was a strange one, even back then.)

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Chris said...

Ahhh the curse of being a smart brainiac child:)