Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Confession Tuesday

Okay, so the title sounds a lot juicier than this actual entry is. People, I'm slacking. I am simply not holding it all together.

1. My workouts suck.

2. Today, I got a bill from my cell phone company for the past TWO months of service. Apparently, I neglected to pay last month. I have never forgotten to pay a bill before-- never ever. I guess I should be grateful they didn't turn off my phone.

3. I arrived here on June 23rd. Number of times that I have washed my car since: ZERO. That's disgusting-- seriously.

4. I have been on the easiest rotation ever for the past 10 days, and despite working my butt off on outdoor projects, there are still a ton of things to do before winter (fireplace cleaned, storm window repaired, install automatic garage door opener, driveway resurfaced, snow tires, order firewood, hire snow removal service).

5. I just invited not only all of my fellow residents, but ATTENDINGS as well over for a Poker Night this Friday the 13th (Have I mentioned that Emergency Med people tend to be superstitious by nature?). The place is a mess, and apparently my friend G has also invited over her neighbors as well as Family Practice residents from another hospital!

On the plus side, I got enough procedures in today that I am done early with my rotation and thus have a 4-day weekend ahead. Although I would love to at least take a day trip somewhere, the sad reality is that I need to be more tight with money right now, and should really get my butt in gear.


Sarah said...

YOu work harder than anyone I know. I am amazed that you even bother to do anything outside of work. I don't think I could.
RYC: That is exactly the "ugh" face. I laughed when I read your comment because, having met Johnathan, you have a better point of reference. :)

The Phoenix said...

So has the chimney sweep come to look at you chimney? Did you tell him that he is at increased risk of testicular cancer? Don't forget to shake hands with him it's good luck!!!! And you need all the good luck you can get.