Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Moving Mishaps

I got cancelled off my shift last night as there were already 3 other interns on in the department. Today was conference day, so just a day of lectures. Here are a few more moving stories that I forgot to share with you before.

Now Ru is quite the adventurer, but as you can imagine, after being confined to the cab of a moving truck for multiple days, even she can succumb to the dreary nature of the road.

After at least six hours of driving, we stumbled into a Visitor Center at the Indiana state line. At that point, I believe she was still collecting post cards, so she chatted up the local volunteer while I used the um, facilities. I don’t really know what all went on in there, but when I walked out of the bathroom and gestured that we needed to get going, she said, “Thank you for telling me about your country.”

“Your country? You realize that Indiana is still part of the States, don’t you?” I cackled, and made some snarky comment about her teaching skills.

Poor Ru was trapped there blushing in front of some stranger, and said something about how she was really tired and said country when she had meant state, and whined that she was going to cover up her error by saying she was Canadian.

Great friend I am, huh?

The first night that I spent in my house, I almost set it on fire.

The sellers were required to leave the fixtures behind as part of the deal, and so I inherited the wall lamps in the master bedroom. I had gone out to Target for a few essentials and bought some cheap lampshades that attach right onto the light bulb. The sellers had obviously had a king-size bed as the lamps were so far apart that the open bedroom door would come in contact with one of them. I hadn’t noticed it, but the door had tilted the lampshade right up against the hot light bulb. Luckily, I was nearby when I started to smell the melting plastic and turned the lamp off before it actually caught fire.


This marks the end of quite possibly the most boring blog entry, ever.


~~Silk said...

Can't be too boring, I laughed.... (Indiana is a different country!) Besides, if you want to get into a snoozer challenge, I'd win! Hands down!

Chris said...

We came close to the same thing. After Alexis made dinner last night and we were upstairs, I went back down and smelled melting plastic. Seems she left the burner on a pan and a plastic spoon in said pan.....great fun!