Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Check$ and Balance$

I ju$t got off the phone with one of my fellow intern$. Tomorrow i$ $upposed to be our fir$t payday. After five week$ of work, and numerou$ charge$ on my credit card$, I am more than ready for it. He got hi$ check $tub early, but he $aid that it i$ over $200 le$$ than what we were expecting. I went to check my account, and wa$ $ad to $ee there were no depo$it$. Furthermore, I wa$ even more aggravated to $ee an email from payroll $tating that they needed my addre$$ and phone number. I gave them all that crap five week$ ago! I don't $ee why that $hould have any affect on my direct depo$it capability, but we'll $ee.

I know thi$ i$ all ju$t $mall detail$, but $ometime$ it'$ hard not to $weat the $mall $tuff.

I've heard pla$ma donation can be pretty lucrative.

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Chris said...

HOLY CRAP don't talk about payroll. We have been converting to a new payroll provider this month and this is our first payroll where my staff was printing the checks ourselves. We spent from 10 to 5 working with the payroll provider on trying to correctly configure the check print function on their end. My folks get paid on Tuesday. Seems like I might be hand writing checks on Monday.

Your address shouldn't affect the deposit although typically your first payment has to be a check while the company/agency does a "prenote" to your bank to make sure the routing and account numbers are right.

Best of luck. Plasma donation must pay well......have you seen the cost of a plasma television?

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