Saturday, July 22, 2006

Home Delivery

Today my furniture finally got delivered, so I can now watch movies in comfort without having a sore spot on my hip from lying on the floor for two hours! I'm glad I went with the sofa and mismatched chair, as there is not enough room in my living room for the matching loveseat or armchair and ottoman.

When the cable guy came by last week, he asked me why I moved here. I told him it was for a job, and when I told him I was a new resident doctor at the hospital here, he looked around at my bare house and looked at me like I was a liar! He then said something about leaving the cables long on my television for when I got a "real tv" and maybe even an entertainment system. I really need to come up with a pseudo-career that won't lead to so much questioning or conversations about bowel habits!

This afternoon, I ran out to Lowe's to get an area rug and a few bags of dirt. The clematis (clemati?) finally got planted. Thanks for all of the plant recommendations. I think I'll be gradually filling in the flower bed with more dirt and adding more plants as I go.


Chris said...

Just tell them you are a master gardner! Wait....that probably wouldn't fly just yet either.

Ok, just tell them you work at the hospital in the cafeteria. That way, if they ever have to come to the hospital and they have you work on them, you can have bliss in watching the terrified looks on their faces as the hospital cook is about to cut them open;)

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~~Silk said...

Comfy! That's a lolling chair for sure.

ru said...

you could be the first doctor they know of without accummulated material wealth. Start a trend. It would be cooler if you made your guests sit on milkcrates or those plastic chairs that end up on the side of the road.