Monday, July 17, 2006

Breaking and Entering

A woman's work is never done:

The morning was spent getting sweaty with some local firefighters (heh). This Saab, which looked surprisingly nice for its fate, was there for our demolishing pleasure. As an intern, smashing up cars is not one of my learning objectives this year, but the idea is that we should have some idea of what goes on at accident scenes. Having worked as an EMT, I saw plenty of this stuff, but I never got to actually wield the tools. It was fun, but hard work.

Also, because I am a goofball, I ended the morning with this:

Just for the record, not all of that on my shirt is sweat... some of it is the water that one of my fellow interns sloshed me down with. Turnout gear is HOT.

Later I went back out into the sun (Did I mention there was a heat advisory today?) and did yardwork. I'm getting better at mowing, but I still suck at using the trimmer.


ru said...

You would think that would have some sort of improved ventilation for a firefighter's attire, but I guess when the fire is raging, a few extra degrees don't hurt.

Chris said...

It would have been hilarious if the firefighters had set up someone to come running out screaming "What the **** are you doing to my car???" the second you smashed the window, like you were hitting the wrong car.

I HATE that reflective tape on turnout gear and athletic clothes because it fools the sensors in your camera and makes the pictures underexposed like this. Small price to pay for safety, I guess;)

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ru said...

I'm at the library so I'll look for The Broken Cord right now. It better be good:)