Saturday, July 01, 2006

Meet Troy

I have a couple of new personal trainers. I thought it was kind of kinky to incorporate oil and gasoline into my workout sessions, but whatever.

Meet Troy and his whackjob friend:

I did about an hour of cardio with those guys, and have decided that from now on, I'm only going to workout with Troy in the morning/evening.

Darryl #1 showed up before I was quite done with the trimmer, and wanted to use my one and only extension cord to move the oscillating fan up into the attic where he was going to be working. I would have thought that electricians would consider extension cords vital pieces of equipment, but I guess not.

The installation of the second fan in my bedroom went better, mainly because Daryl #2 stuck around throughout the job. They had to pull up floorboards in the attic to access the electrical box, and since it is old wood up there, there was some splintering. Yesterday I replaced one of the boards with some cheap plywood. There was another, longer board that came out in almost one piece. I hadn't noticed it until after my plywood run to the hardware store, but I guess I'll have to use the hand saw I saw hanging in my basement to clean it up, and trim down some remaining scraps to fill in the space.

The floor wasn't that nice up there to begin with, but it was pretty level, so if I want to convert it all into an office, I might have to pull up the plywood and replace it at a later time. Gosh, I'm turning into a handy girl!


Sarah said...

It sounds like you ARE becoming quite handy. Did you get the lawn mowing thing down to a science???

Chris said...

I don't see a picture of Troy or his whackjob friend....have you sunken to having imaginary friends? LOL

Your new best friends should be:
1) DYI channel
2) Family Handyman (a GREAT magazine with step by step how to projectes)
3) (great usenet site for reading and asking questions)

Good luck and feel free to email me with any specific questions;)

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~~Silk said...

Ah, fooey. Before you got the photo of Troy up, you can't IMAGINE what my mind made up! I like my version better. (You probably would, too.)

ru said...

Lawn care is exciting, in more ways than one:)