Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Any minute now, the PU's (parental units) should be arriving. They stopped in the Midwest for family reunions on each side, and then have continued on driving this way. Things are a mess here. I still haven't unpacked and hung up my clothes or much of my office junk. Despite 18 years of cohabitation, I still would like the place to look nice. Oh well, I suppose there's no disguising my paper-stacking tendencies from them. I think they'll be staying for about a week while I continue to work. It should be fun, and hopefully will force me explore the surroundings a bit more.

In other news, the paycheck did make it into my bank account, and we've been assured that this one is only smaller because it doesn't represent a full pay period. Apparently, the hospital chairman has balanced the budget twice previously by extending the lag time on paying new employees. I can't wait to meet him in person.


ru said...

loser...I dislike people who rob peter to pay paul.

Kate said...

Yeah, especially when I'm Peter!

Chris said...

See that's how I need to do it. We recently had an increase in revenue which I used to raise salaries while I was financing our expansion budget through a lease. I have to quit being a people person, darn it.

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Sarah said...

bummer, at least the next ones will be higher. Hope your parents have fun visiting.