Saturday, March 03, 2007

Last Call

The weather has been crazy lately. On Friday morning I nearly fell in my own driveway as the snow had melted on Thursday and re-frozen overnight. I was on call on Friday, and today the temperature was almost 40, so again, there was much melting. I went to the gym for a quick run, and less than an hour after I returned home, it started snowing again!

Last night was somewhat of a milestone as it was my last 24-hour shift of the year. Apparently, I have one weekend of home call coming up, in which they can page me at any time and I have to go in if they need me. Many of the other interns have had weekends free of interruption with this arrangement, so I'm hoping for the best.

I will be meeting up with one of my friends and her kids in a few weeks, but otherwise no vacation until June. Hopefully, my motivation will return again once I get back in the department. I just have no desire to do anything right now. I don't feel like I learned very much during my time on the pediatrics floor. With the quick turnaround, constantly flipping patients, and constantly revolving community pediatricians there just wasn't any continuity of care. Towards the end, I did end up with some more normal cases, but the amount of social work issues that came up was just staggering. I don't know how pediatricians do it. Between the neglect, physical abuse, and poor decision-making skills of many of my patients' parents, I think I would end up on anti-depressants if I did this full-time.

Otherwise it was a day of napping, TV watching, and wallpaper attacking. And just a tip: if you're scoring wallpaper and using a chemical spray to help remove it, it also helps to sponge it down with hot water before scraping.

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Chris said...

Social work is depressing in a way.

But wallpaper is much worse:) Good news....We aren't pulling down the wallpaper in the spare bedroom. I'm just covering it with beadboard! yay!

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