Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Bloom!

I guess it is true that crocus blooms first. I was pleased to see this in my backyard today. I planted a large assortment of bulbs and perennials this past fall and am curious to see just what actually grows. There's a good variety of stems poking through the bark in the flower bed up front, too. No starts of leaves on the trees just yet.

It is blindingly sunny today. The last couple of days of rain have finally melted away the last stubborn piles of ice. I think I'll go for a walk and get my fill of vitamin D, and then do a little bit of housework drudgery before I head off to work.


ru said...

mmm . . . vitamin D. Over here there's more of it in the milk than in the sky.
Don't you love crocuses? I never appreciated them until after this wintry winter.

Chris said...

That's twice I've heard that this week. Alexis said it earlier and I had never heard it before. All I could think about was a horrible heavy metal band named Kroakus in the eighties.

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ru said...

just had to see the crocuses again. Candy finally mowed our grass and they're gone now. Our tulips are thriving though.