Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sticky Fingers

I have been filling out paperwork and taking computer training to for an upcoming rotation at the local VA Hospital. I was really surprised when I walked into the place the other day as everything was so new and shiny! The VA hospital back home was Maalox green and would make you wonder what the veterans did to deserve such a building.

Anyway... I had to get fingerprinted as part of this process, as apparently there had been a problem in the past with an employee stealing computers. However, instead of inking me, they scanned in my fingertips. For whatever reason, the thing wouldn't accept the prints of my left middle, ring, and pinky fingers no matter how many times I rolled them across the screen. So I guess I can be sneaky, as long as I only pick things up with those three fingers.

As a taxpayer, I think a more economical option would be to just go back to ink and paper, but what do I know? I can't see how sending everyone an "Economic Stimulus" check makes a whole lot of sense, either.

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Chris said...

I agree...could you just forward your economic stimulus package check my way? ;)

FWIW, we have to have every new hire fingerprinted throught TBI. Since going to digital imaging, we've never had to have them get rescanned. In the old ink/paper days, it happened every so often.

You haven't been trying to alter your fingerprints have you? :)