Friday, February 01, 2008

Hot Boxing

I'm tired. I skipped going to the gym tonight. I'm two shifts into a six-day stretch. It takes me a half a pot of coffee to get going in the morning. Let me know if you have seen my motivation running around anywhere, because I can't seem to find it.

Outside, freezing rain pelts against the glass. I decide that a quiet night in is just what I need. I heat up a frozen pizza, sip a glass of red wine, start up the fireplace, and then a movie.

Just what I want.

Suddenly, the movie gets interrupted by loud beeping.


It is the downstairs smoke alarm.

I didn't burn the pizza, so I shut it off, and resume my movie.

Minutes later, the upstairs smoke alarm starts going off.


I wander upstairs and jump and swat at the thing to knock it down (Apparently, I could use a few chairs or stepladder upstairs.)

As I head back downstairs, I realize I'm walking into a hazy, smoke-filled room...

That's right...

You guessed it...

I forgot to open up the damper on the fireplace.

Pure genius.

I guess at least it doesn't smell like paint in my house anymore!


Chris said...

That could be funny, but damn, think if you had been asleep with no smoke alarm. Can you say "Carbon monoxide"? So glad it turned out ok.

~~Silk said...

Wow! By the second "?", my chest was tight, thinking that your lovely house was on fire!

Your motivation and mine are vacationing together on a white sand beach somewhere.

ru said...

The fireplace at work is somehow connected to some exhaust vent in the kitchen. Chef has to turn it off before you start a fire, otherwise the whole dining room starts filling up with billowy smoke. Don't ask me how I know that.