Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I just got home from playing on our department intramural soccer team. They have been trying to get me to play for several weeks now (not that I'm any good, more that they were desperate for more players), but the games kept conflicting with my work/sleep schedules.

People weren't really into soccer where I grew up. Honestly, I think the last time before tonight that I played was during 8th grade gym class. And the few memories that I did have of it were of getting kicked in the shins really hard. Well, for this intramural league, players have to wear shin guards, which at least is better than the lack of equipment requirements for our pickup softball league last summer. I played most of the game tonight, and it was a good workout. I think it's a little easier to challenge yourself to doing very short sprints when you are chasing someone down rather than just picking up the pace on a treadmill.

After the game (We lost 2-8), we all went out to a sports bar for drinks and food. I really am happy with the program that I am in here. Our team tonight was made up of nurses, residents, and techs. While there was some gossiping going on, everyone here is just so good-natured and fun to be around. For me, I think that's what has really made moving so far away from friends and family easier. I don't know how people can do it in more cut-throat residencies.


In other news, I turned in my state licensing paperwork yesterday. It will take a few months for everything to get processed, but that means that I should be on my way to moonlighting in smaller hospitals this summer. It makes me kind of antsy just thinking about being out on my own, but there are some options where you can work in a fast track, or double-coverage with another physician, so I may ease myself out with those.

Army Guy started ranger school yesterday, so phone calls will now be few and far between. I am sure that he will do great, and the time will fly by quickly. Talking was kind of awkward leading up to him starting the program, but like I said before, I'm not the greatest at goodbyes.


~~Silk said...

Awww... But it's not goodbye. It's just au revoir ("until we meet again").

ru said...

my only memory of soccer is the ball sailing across the sky and leaving a dent in my head. I liked field hockey though.

I like the people you work with, at least the ones I've met so far. (OK, most of them--there are some I'm not as fond of) I hope that there are some good days ahead.

Good luck with Army Guy. I wish you the best.

Chris said...

Lord, I haven't played organized soccer since the 11th grade JV team.

I agree with you about it's easier to get a sprint workout playing, like basketball or soccer, than just running wind sprints. Guess what I'm supposed to do tonight? You got it....sprints :)

ru said...

ryc: I love "facts" like that!