Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Shiner

My eye, sans makeup, in all of its glory:

Initially, there was a lot more swelling, but it does not hurt at all. It is really just an eyesore (ha ha).


~~Silk said...

First reaction - Oh, my God, that looks awful! How did she escape serious damage?!

Second reaction - It's sort of fascinating. Look at all the pretty colors. There'll be a different sunset kaleidascope every day....

ru said...

it is really beautiful:) I have never seen a bruise turn that brilliant shade of pink before!

Kate said...

It's all the bleeding. The most painful part is under my eyebrow... but the blood just kind of pooled above my eye, and then ran under it. Nice, eh? I don't think I should ever go on blood thinners because I already have such impressive bruising.

you know said...

I CANNOT believe that you took a
picture of yourself, posted it
on the net and didn't put mascara on!!!!

Chris said...

Excellent! A fun snappy comeback for any smart comments would have been
1) no it's not a black eye...I ran out of time putting eyeshadow on this morning


2) Yeah, what of it? I fight in mixed martial arts fights in my time wanna throw down?

hmmmm If you saw a cute person at a bar and wanted to flirt right would you wink?