Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wiped Out

The last two night shifts have left me wiped out. Emotionally-difficult patients, and always the less sick ones demanding more time than the really sick ones. Last night we seemed to be having a special on drunken lacerations that required a lot of time to repair. And for it being a week night, there just have been way too many patients coming in lately.

Right now, we're transitioning through the end of the year. The senior residents are done, so rather than running stuff by them, every one of us have to present to the attending directly. This wouldn't be so bad but we have been so busy lately that the attendings have been having to see patients on their own, so there ends up being a waiting line to talk to the attendings. So basically, my fastest, most-efficient coworkers are gone, so I'm feeling a little frustrated with all of the delays.

And on top of the working, there are numerous other activities going on this week, and morning meetings and simulation labs that have been keeping me busy. Fortunately, someone asked me to trade my shift tonight with them, so I can go to bed at a decent hour tonight after this evening's softball game.

Finally, the results of our national exam came back today. I am disappointed with my performance, but our program doesn't really place a whole lot of importance on the test. I didn't prepare for it at all, and that is pretty much obvious by my score. Basically, I just need to show improvement next year, and I managed to score low enough that I can pretty much guarantee that. Maybe this is the kick in the butt that I've been needing though to motivate me start seriously studying for my upcoming licensing exam next month.

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The Phoenix said...

Don't you worry about the national
exam. I am sure you got the highest score out of all the Dentists that took the exam.

I am so proud of you. You’re the smartest person I know. Do not beat yourself up about
This test!!!