Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dentist for a Day

My vacation started with "The Phoenix's" graduation. When you graduate from medical school, you get hooded at graduation. It's not really so much of a hood as it is a velvet sash that goes around the neck. The person doing the hooding has to have a doctorate degree. There are instructors available to hood graduates, or at our school you can be hooded by a family member. "The Phoenix" and I side-stepped this little requirement by telling our school that we were cousins.

As I was flying in the night before, "The Phoenix" picked up my gown and hood. She told me the hood was purple, which I thought was a little odd as it was green last year, but then I thought maybe it had to do with my specialty or something.

All was going well enough, until an elderly gentlemen came up from behind me and started straightening my hood. "All of us dentists have to look good," he said. So that's how I found out that purple is for dentists, whereas green is for medicine. Between me not being her cousin, and not being a dentist it was quite the misrepresentation.

Her ceremony was just as long and drawn out as mine was. Our CEO (Yes, I said CEO, not president) was there, wearing her blindingly large, gold University medallion, ala Flava Flav style.

Finally, we double-checked that the name on her diploma was correct, and booked it out of there! I remember the feeling of relief that came with having that piece of paper in my hand.

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ru said...

ah. graduation. it is a huge relief. school's almost done for me--4 more days.