Monday, January 28, 2008

Ketchup and Caulk Fighting

So, tonight I go back to work after having had the past week off. I didn't do anything exciting with my vacation, just stayed put. I had all sorts of productive plans for the week, including organizing all of my digital photos, doing my taxes, cleaning the entire house, doing tons of educational reading like a good little resident, and updating this thing regularly.

Um, none of that happened. The house is somehow actually messier than it was before I went on vacation. I still can't do my taxes as I am missing a few things, so that one's not technically my fault. I did run over 20 miles this week, and my body is now reminding me why it's better to build up miles gradually rather than triple one's mileage out of the middle of nowhere.

I did get quite a bit of painting done. One of the living room walls is now a very bold blue, as is part of the eat-in area of the kitchen. The dining room is in disarray though. I was able to strip the wallpaper, plaster and sand parts of the walls, but now it is even uglier with painter's tape and 3/4 of one layer of primer. The primer boasted of its ability to cover up just about anything, but the half burgandy portion of the walls is still glaring through. I also filled in the gaps between the baseboard and the walls with paintable caulking and found it much easier process with the use of a caulking gun, having learned from last year's debacle. I'll post some before and after pictures once I get things picked up a little around here.

Other activities this week included the recruiting dinner, a social at my program director's house, another intramural soccer game, interview dinner for applicants to our program, and on Saturday a bunch of spent the whole day on a wine tour. I did also get a chance to talk to Army Guy, and he sounded tired, but was in good spirits.


Chris said...

Caulk? Blech! I refuse to do any house projects until I get my new smoker or my old one upgraded. I'm on strike;)

ru said...

I'm dreading taxes this year.

I can't wait to see what your house looks like now.

Anonymous said...

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