Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pimp My Ride

I went to a recruiting dinner last night. It was at a hospital over an hour away, so they sent a limosine out to my house to pick my friend and I up. It was just the two of us that went, so it was kind of awkward. We just hung out and chatted with three of the physicians from their Emergency department over a bottle of wine and some steaks. They seem like a fun group. There's just so much uncertainty about that first job after residency.

It's exciting, and yet I really don't want to spend too much effort thinking about it right now. I'll probably look into the place a little bit more. It sounds like they would be happy to have us moonlight there every now and then, so that would probably be the best way to really check it out.

It was fun having a limo idling in my driveway for about 10 minutes. I hope it got the neighbors talking.


~~Silk said...

Rich boyfriend?
Drug dealer?
Secret wedding?

Watch the rumors fly around the neighborhood!

Chris said...

A limo? What....did they think they were taking you to prom? ;)

When the limo dropped you off at 1am, you should have yelled something like "OK....see you later [enter favorite rock star name here]! No! You CAN'T come in!"

ru said...

When I was little I got the two words moonlighting and moonshine confused, so I always thought of them as being equally illegal. There is still a faint but discernable taint on moonlighting in my head.

ru said...

RYC: I thought of you at the carwash and checked what was offered for 10 dollars to make sure it included the undercarriage. What would I do without a friend like you? :)