Thursday, December 28, 2006

Typhoid Gary?

Today, I was in the cafeteria dumping salt on my scrambled eggs and about to go hide in the resident lounge when one of the aides from the floor asked if he could join me. He sat down and started talking about his career aspirations and how his dreams of becoming a chef were ruined halfway through culinary school when the heptitis outbreaks started. Then he asked me if I had any kids. That's when I shoved all my remaining bacon down my throat and said I'd better get back up to the floor before they noticed I was missing.

I really need to figure out how to page myself at opportune times.


~~Silk said...

Answer your cel phone (which "is on vibrate", that's why no one heard it "ring"), listen intently, frown, then run.

Can you pretend a beeper is on vibrate?

Chris said...

Did he mention that his porn career took a nose dive when his herpes outbreaks acted up?

Or how about the time he was kicked out of massage school because of his leprosy?

Or when he was expelled from the fire fighter academy because of his pyromania?

I should go to be or I could be here all night....

ru said...

Sounds charming....Real potential:)