Saturday, December 23, 2006

Party Pooper

Last night was our intern holiday get-together. One of our chief residents had a party at her apartment earlier in the week. The department cocktail party was just a little while back. I think I'm officially partied out. For the most part, I'm a social person, but I think I do much better with individual interactions. I just feel so awkward and forced in large groups. I'm not very good at mixing, and I often feel like I have nothing to say or just am kind of observing conversations rather than participating. Then again, when it's the same people over and over, what more is there to say?

After sleeping in this morning, I dragged myself to the gym. I have been reading a book that one of the other interns loaned me about running. I haven't been all that impressed because I think that reading about running is like looking at magazine photos to take a vacation. It just doesn't translate well. The one thing that I have taken from it is that I was overdoing it with working out almost daily. This author recommends running 3 times/week at the most and using walk breaks to increase your mileage and prevent injuries. This has been a little bit unnatural for me as my method before was to pretty much just run until I was exhausted. However, today I ran for just under 4.5 miles! It took me an hour because I'm so slow and I was walking 2 minutes for every 6 minutes of running.

Other than that, it has just been a day of returning phone calls, doing laundry, and watching DVDs. I am working late on Christmas Eve, and partial days (hopefully) on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. I kind of have been anticipating working holidays this year. With my immediate family being so far away, I figured there was no way I would get the 3 days or so off that I'd need for travel. Happy holidays if you are celebrating!

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