Sunday, November 05, 2006


As part of the next phase of my "Let's Not Die This Winter" project, I put snow tires on my car today. A couple of my friends were surprised when I mentioned that I was doing this myself, but it's really not that hard. I went to and bought a winter package to include tires and wheels. The tires show up at your door in about 4 days. Installing them took little over an hour. Best of all, it didn't include sitting around a greasy lobby trying to be engrossed by a 2002 copy of People magazine while someone else did it. If you are going to change your own tires though, perhaps the most important thing besides knowing where to put the jack is using a cross-shaped tire iron. It makes the job much easier.

Afterwards, I took the car out for a much-needed wash and vacuum. I cleared enough space to be able to park in the garage, too. The next step is an automatic door-opener, but that is not a project I'm going to attempt.

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~~Silk said...

You're stronger than I! I tried to change a flat tire myself a few months ago, but even oiling the nuts and literally jumping on the tire iron wouldn't loosen them.