Thursday, November 30, 2006


So yeah, apparently I'm not exactly a great communicator. About 10 minutes after my last post, "needy co-worker" called me up complaining that she's fat when she's about 3 sizes smaller than me. How rude do I have to be? I guess at least I'm learning how to be more confrontational.

Right now I'm ticking away minutes in the call room. I really just want to go to bed, but I'm stuck waiting on some lab results so that I can send someone home. Labs and pagers, these are the enemies of an intern.


Chris said...

What do you have against labs? They are very reliable dogs and are one of the more popular breeds. (HA!)

Ideas to get your work buddy to back off....
-Speak to her only in pig latin.
-Ask her if she has gained weight EVERYTIME you see her....even if you just saw her 4 minutes before.
-Get a restraining order.

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ru said...

did you say, well i think you're a fat pig who can't mind her own business.

not that I would have, but still. . . .