Sunday, November 12, 2006


I survived my last call night on medicine! It was miraculous... no pages after 10:30 pm! I slept a whole night without being disturbed. I actually kept waking myself up every few hours to check my pager and make sure it still worked.

Tomorrow I'm on call for another 24 hours to start off my first day of my OB/Gyn rotation. I like delivering babies, though. It's not always convenient, and the hours are even longer, but it's fun. Besides-- 99% of the time, the baby and placenta just come out on their own, with your main function being to ensure that the kid doesn't fall to the floor and split its head open. And it's generally a happy environment, with nurses who really know their stuff and run the show... especially when the attending can't be bothered to make it to the delivery on time.

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ru said...

Sometimes I forget how happy I am with the friends I have. I do wish though, that we could go out for coffee more often than once a year or so. On the bright side, by the time we hang out again, I'll probably be a coffee drinker.