Sunday, September 17, 2006

Running Out

My month of surgery is over! This morning, after another 24-hour shift, I practically sprinted out of the hospital. I'm sure that I must have learned something during the last four weeks, but at this moment, I can't exactly tell you what.

One of my patients does get the award for creative use of tattoos. He had different letters marking the first knuckle of several of his fingers. While he was sedated and on the ventilater, I kept trying to lay them side by side. One of the nurses finally cracked the code when she placed one hand on top of the other. They read: LETS F--K (Censored for your sensitive eyes!) Pretty classy, huh? He's in his mid-seventies, so I couldn't help but wonder how well that would work for him in the rehab center with all the female residents.

I worked some more around the house today, but still have a lot to do outside. I'm leaving on Saturday for a short vacation, I hope I can get most of it done before then.


Chris said...

Wow. I have no tattoos but now I have an idea. When I get in my mid-70's, I'm going to get a tat above my hoo-dad that says "If you can read this...wait a second...what are you doing looking at a 70 year old dude's hoo-day anyway????"

ru said...

You mean someone else has my tattoo? :)

Nathan Knuckles said...

Wow, that is really crazy! I collect pictures of knuckle tattoos and the stories behind them. If there is any way you could pass my information along to that gentleman, I would really appreciate it. My website is and I can be reached at

There are some pretty crazy ones out there, but this guy really has something going on there!