Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beating Letterman to the Punchline

A while back, I took care of a patient with the last name of Motell. Her fiance's last name was Cooter. That's right-- if things work out, there will be a Motell-Cooter wedding. Heh.


My schedule has been a little better this week. I worked 24 hours on Sunday and had Monday and Tuesday off. Those days were both actually sunny, so I spent most of the daylight hours pulling weeds, finishing up with primer on the deck and starting the actual paint color.

My other big outside project is excavating my garage. One wall has bowed in after having dirt and rocks piled up 3-feet high along the side of it. The shingles in that area are somewhat rotted from having all of that moist soil trapped against it. I've been digging up that area and frugally using the dirt to fill in the flower beds out front and in the backyard.

My goal is to be parking in the garage this winter, but I don't want to go through the trouble of installing an automatic garage door opener until I know that wall can be fixed. I'll have to hire someone to actually re-align the wall, but I figured the job would be a lot less costly if I at least did the work of clearing out the area myself. I'm no engineer, but digging out the area and building a retaining wall should help prevent further damage and create enough space to fix it.


Yesterday I worked another 24-hour shift and have today and Friday off. My favorite traveling nurse told me last night that he lost his spot and will be leaving in October. The other day I sat down to lunch with one of the other interns in my program who happened to be sitting next to two of the hospital hunks I've been distracted by. I quickly learned that they're both married, so it looks like this girl's run out of options for the meantime.

It's raining already this morning, so I'm banished to the indoors.


ru said...

Hurray! Two days off. That's almost working 24 hours straight. I hope the weather stays nice enough to get the wall fixed so you can use your garage soon. A garage makes a lot of difference in the wintertime.

Chris said...

I just hope that you dont find any "remains" while you are excavating!!

Is the wall block or is it wood frame? I think wood frame wouldn't be so hard to fix if the wood is still in good shape, but it probably has water damage (since the shingles are damaged).

Sorry about your married hunks and moving nurse. All the good ones are taken....and apparently a lot of the bad ones too:)

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Kate said...

The wall is wood frame. I'm hoping that it'll be a quick fix for someone.