Monday, September 18, 2006

Chaos, Sweet Chaos

So, I'm back in the Emergency Department this week. Today's theme was "Stroke Workup Day". My 8-hour shift went by so fast after the 12 and 24-hour shifts I have been working. And yes, the staff and the patients are more disgruntled, but there's no place like home!

This evening I went out and saw "The Black Dahlia" with my friend, G. It was pretty suspenseful, and has more than enough nudity and gore to keep money rolling in at the box office. Perhaps it wasn't the brightest idea to watch it and then return home to an empty house, but I think it was freakishly bizarre enough that I won't have nightmares. And whomever Hilary Swank's personal trainer is, they need to be paid more... she looks amazing!


ru said...

I saw the time you left the last comment for me-- you keep late hours! And yes Cleveland sounds exotic, it's in Ohio, my second favorite state! Just kidding.

Chris said...

Heck, watch Gothika and try to go to sleep:)