Thursday, May 22, 2008

An Update, but Not Really

I have been neglectful about updating this thing as of late. Lately, I just seem to be content at doing nothing. Free time abounds, and instead I am content to waste it all. The running has continued, in spite of the "unseasonably" cold weather lately. My motivation has off and left once again. Tomorrow I am heading out to visit my Aunt Ruth, if I can get myself packed and on the plane! Let's hope I gain some inspiration from talks with a centenarian.


Anonymous said...

Free time comes without any strings attached; sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing at all

Chris said...

Your aunt is one of those half horse/half man creatures from Greek mythology? How cool! Oh, those are centaurs, never mind.

Travel safe!

Anamika said...

For me, doing nothing feels great for sometime. Problem arises when the 'do nothing' period gets a bit extended. It starts feeling gloomy and depressing and I feel as if I am falling behind (weired). To avoid such feelings, I usually involve myself in something or the other. In one of such moments I created this blog.. I think it's pretty neat .. Lemme know what you think ..

Any suggestion, comments to improve this blog is most welcome..