Sunday, May 18, 2008

Puddle Jumping

Yesterday, I ran in a 5K race. I had participated in the same race last year, but this year I did much better, coming in over 3 minutes faster than last year's time. The first mile I ran in 8:34, which is flying for me (I am typically a 10 min+ distance runner)! For me, the highlight of the race was passing by this guy doing Beatles karaoke by himself dressed in a Sgt. Pepper-style costume, complete with mustache!

Today, I went for a 12-mile run. It was raining most of the time that I was out there. Unfortunately, I stepped in a puddle right around mile 6, so that changed my stride to step-splat-step-splat with rain dripping off the right side of the bill of my hat. The sprinkling finally stopped for the last 3 miles, and that was when the wind picked up. A rain/sweat-soaked fleece shirt does not make for good insulation. On the drive home, I was still sweating and shivering at the same time.

My legs are already telling me that tomorrow is going to be a day of rest. The good thing about getting the run done today is that was the longest run according to the training plan. The rest of the weeks before the half marathon taper off. It does make me nervous to be running 13 miles on race day when I haven't run that far in practice runs, but there seem to be two theories in training: either build up to 90% of the race distance and back off, or run 110% of the distance and back off. I guess the main thing is to not fall into my usual pattern of taking weeks off entirely and avoid injury.

I did finally pick out some new shoes, but I haven't worn them yet because I figured today was not the time to break them in.

Here's the old stand-by's:

They will probably be reserved for nasty weather until the end of softball season, when they'll make their debut in the ED. (Hospital shoes stay in the hospital, given the nasty things that can be found on our floors.)

And the new pair:

The fancy running store I went to measured me, analyzed my stride on a treadmill, and pored over the soles of my old shoes. I received a look of disapproval when I said I had been wearing my old shoes for over a year. Then an engineer-type dude sat down next to me with his 9 year-old Nikes! These ones have a lot more arch support, so we'll see if I still end up with sore feet. (Either way, I don't imagine I will stop taking advantage of Army Guy's foot massage skills.)


Chris said...

I have always found that I can do at least 10-15% more mileage in swims, bikes, and runs than I trained. I think it was the andrenaline. Don't you just get off on that feeling you get in your stomach on "race day"?

I decided today that I am running in a 10k next weekend that I have not trained for at all. I figure the aerobic training I've done for other stuff should carry me through. If not, I'll just have to suffer through it.

Love the shoes! The puddle story reminded Alexis and I of the Watermelon Ride in Jacksonville some 15 years ago. It rained the entire 100 miles and I ended up with a nice figure-8 chafing in a very sensitive area (just imagine where the padding of wet bike shorts would rub for 6+ hours)

~~Silk said...

Just out of curiosity, when they measured you, did you end up with the same size as the old pair, or a half-size larger?

ru said...

You must have gone to Roadrunner Sports. Shannon went to one to get new shoes. I watched the whole process and suddenly felt ashamed of the low tech way that I purchase shoes :)

Kate said...

I ended up with the same size. They measured me sitting down and standing up, because apparently, some people have arches that flatten out when they weight-bear.

Ouch, chafing is not fun!

Kate said...
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