Monday, May 05, 2008

Mama's New Shoes

The other night, a couple of my friends and I went for a nice dinner at the local casino. Afterwards, we decided to hit the gambling floor. It made for some interesting people-watching. Despite being in the middle-of-nowhere, there were a few women who were dressed up in mini-skirts and heels. However, there were no well-dressed men to be found-- mostly biker-types, seniors, and scruffy-looking young adults with questionable hygeine. I don't know who or what these young women were expecting to find, but clearly there weren't many options.

Anyway, my friend and her husband proceeded to argue about exactly how much money he should be allowed to "throw away down the toilet." I had brought a set amount to mess around with, but as the situation was somewhat tense between the two of them, I settled for putting down $20 at the roulette table. After nearly losing it, I was up to $40. My friends were still bickering, so we walked around a bit. I was about ready to get out of there, but my friend's husband decided he was going to play some poker, no matter how much she scrunched up her face at him. (Isn't going out with married couples fun?)

I shrugged it off, and sat down next to him. I ended up getting dealt two jacks, and as I had paid for a "bonus", I was already sure to win something just off the deal. My friend's husband unfortuately didn't get much of anything, but I ended up with a full house and up $100. I decided there wasn't any way I could beat that, so after one hand of poker, I called it quits, having just won enough to buy a new pair of running shoes I had been trying to justify. It made for a short night, but I figured it was best to quit while I was ahead.


~~Silk said...

I'm giggling. Do you really not know why those young women were there? There're not after winning. They're after winnings.

~~Silk said...

(Oops - "They're", not "There're". My mind changed direction mid-sentence.)

Chris said...

So, how are the shoes? What did ya get? I still love my Nike Max Air cheapies.

ru said...

You had more fun at a casino than I've ever had, possibly explained by the fact your money went nowhere near the slots, which has to be the dumbest waste of time and money on this planet.