Thursday, May 15, 2008

Into the Wild

One of the things that I have discovered that I like most about running is the ability to clear my head. After a certain point, it is just one foot in front of the other, with breaths rising and falling as part of the pattern. I think that I must be somewhat unbalanced, as after I get going, I inevitably develop an ache in one shin, which melts away as an ache in the opposite knee develops, which recedes in kind as a groin or butt muscle begins to whine. (How is it even possible for only one side of your butt to be sore?)

The other thing that I like is being outside. Now that Spring has finally arrived, there are all sorts of distractions... dandelion seedlings taking flight.

  • The other day, my friend and I had to slow down to pass a group of geese and their downy goslings. As we approached, the mother started hissing, just like a cat, in our direction! Luckily, we were able to make a wide enough arc from her path that no sprints were necessary. I have a feeling I can't outrun an angered goose in flight!

  • Earlier this week, as I rounded a corner, a beaver quickly scuttled into some reeds.

  • Today, during my run, I was pretty much a blank slate, when suddenly a hawk swooped in for a quick attack on an unsuspecting small animal, soaring just feet from my face!

Currently, I am on an elective block, which lately has meant fluttering about from room to room in the ED looking for pathology on ultrasound. Basically, I pop in, introduce myself, and slop some cold gel on a stomach, leg or chest, and then disappear, leaving a slimy snail trail in my wake. It's been interesting to kind of be on observer status in our department. No dictations to do, only minimal paperwork. Sometimes there is an attending around to provide on-the-spot teaching, but often I am left to my own resources... which typically involves getting coffee and chatting with coworkers. Not bad at all.


Chris said...

Just stay clear of mountain lions:)

ru said...

Sounds like fun. I've been enjoying my walks too. Spring is so beautiful.

~~Silk said...

It's ok Chris. No mountain lions where she is. The wolves, rattle snakes, and rabies killed 'em off.