Monday, March 10, 2008

Not Springing Forward...

Not watching television has its downfalls. This past Sunday I had no idea that it was time to "Spring Forward" for Daylight Savings Time. Arizona doesn't do Daylight Savings Time, so I am not used to this custom. However, at least in the Fall I had overhead people talking about the changeover, so I didn't miss out. This time, I just didn't know it was coming.

I was so clueless that luckily I still didn't realize it up until arriving at work and seeing the hospital clock, so there wasn't any time to get all panicky.

I am one of those crazy back-up alarm folks. Every night I set my alarm clock--which has a back up 9-volt battery for power in case of an outage. On top of that, I use my cell phone as a back up alarm. You would think that the thing would update the time automatically, just like it does when you enter a new time zone on a long car trip. No such luck.

Luckily, when I did get to work there was only ONE patient in the department (A Daylight Savings Miracle!), and the attending that I was scheduled with honestly didn't care about my faux pas.


Chris said...

Wait, are you like one of those time travellers or something. What is this magic time change that you speak of?

ru said...

Daylight savings time drives me nuts!