Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Name and Blame Game

If one was such a fan of great philosophers to go as far as to name their child after Socrates, shouldn't they at least spell it right?

The other day, I took care of a vomiting toddler named Socratiez, or Socks for short.

The all-time record for stupid names goes to my colleague, who saw a kid named Shithead. It was supposedly pronounced Shi-tay-ed. And no, they weren't recent immigrants. Some things should be illegal.


~~Silk said...

My ex's stupid brother named his cat Shithead, which he pronounced "Shy Theed", and I thought HE was an ass. It should be illegal for some people to have any influence over any other living thing, let alone a child.

Chris said...

We once had an employee at W-D who's name was Marijuana Brown.

And A friend in high school, Mary Silbernagel married a guy named Folin Christmas (although they divorced sometime later).

ru said...

I heard an urban legend once about a redneck who was in a hospital waiting room and decided to name her soon-to-be born child Gonorrhea. I didn't know people were actually that stupid/mean/rude. Too weird.