Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mini Break

Tomorrow I am off to a winter conference with my fellow residents. It is a bit of a drive from here, and we're stocking our hotel room with plenty of party "must-haves". The conference involves a mountain, some snow (hopefully no broken legs!), and reportedly some educational lectures here and there. I am hoping that I will also get in a chance to see Ru for a bit. The other day I was mildly depressed at hearing a local ski shop offering a mid-winter sale. This can't be mid-winter, I am sick of it already!

Army Guy is currently on a mini-deployment in Kentucky. His battalian goes to Iraq in November... I am trying not to worry about it too much at this point, as this is the third set of orders he's had in the less than a year that I have known him. Apparently, they go to two different bases and run simulation missions before being deployed. He's a little stressed out because as a platoon leader there's a whole bunch of pressure on him for his squads to perform well. This one's just for a couple weeks.


ru said...

I am excited about seeing you soon.

Chris said...

Is he up at Ft Campbell?

No fear, Kate. Spring is just 20 or so days away, despite the "midwinter" sales.

Kate said...

He is at Fort Campbell right now. His next "mini-deployment" is in Louisiana at someplace called Fort Polk, I think.